License & Permit Numbers

US DOT # - 1300453
US EPA ID # - NYR000 125971
US EPA Waste Transporter Permit # 1-A820
Suffolk County Plumbers License # 38333 RP
NYS Licensed Drilling Contractor NYRD # 01720
New Jersey Licensed Drilling Contractor # J-1516
City of Long Beach Licensed Contractor # 7379
New York Registered Water Well Contractor NYRD # 01720
Suffolk County Home Improvement Contractor # 35-403H
Nassau County Excavator Demolition Contractor # H3900010000
South Hampton Home Improvement Contractor # L001053
East Hampton Home Improvement Contractor # 6346-2004

Inspection Details

Ultrasonic Testing

To determine shell thickness, Enviroshield employs the latest in Ultrasonic testing/scanning technology to obtain thickness measurements.

We are able to gauge true metal thickness measurements even when a surface is coated or painted.

The measurement of tank wall thickness to ascertain the impact of corrosion is extremely important, since very often corrosion cannot be detected via visual inspection. Corrosion will weaken steel and could lead to system failures.

Visual Interior & Exterior Tank Inspection

Specialized training and consideration are prerequisites to work in confined areas. Enviroshield technicians possess the equipment and experience to safely work in environments with limited air supply and areas with explosive potential.

Since the majority of ASTs are mounted, OSHA training again comes into play since technicians must use appropriate, safe procedures to accomplish the exterior inspection without incident.

Corrosion Control / Cathodic Protection ( CP)

As with underground storage tanks, safety and environmental regulations require corrosion control for aboveground fuel storage tanks and associated piping that come into contact with the ground. As part of a certified inspection, past cathodic protection test results are reviewed to maintain compliance with state guielines and regulations.



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